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Types of American Football Betting

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Jun 25, 2020 at 02:12 PM

Before you begin the analysis, you need to know what options the bookmakers offer for betting on NFL matches. In this regard, bookmakers are generous - a variety of bets will satisfy the most demanding bettor. Learn about soccer betting types to have good chances to win at

What Can You Bet  On?

  • Victory in the match. It's the most common type of bet. It is necessary to correctly indicate the team that will win the match. Odds can be different: from small on explicit favorites to prohibitive on outsiders.
  • T You need to predict the total number of points scored in the meeting, more or less than the bar set by the bookmaker. Multipliers, as a rule, are both more total and less total, about the same.
  • Individual total of each team. This market is similar to the previous one, but total needs to be predicted for only one team. Odds are in the same range as for overall performance.
  • H Negative handicaps are put on favorites by bookmakers, positive ones on underdogs. In order for the minus handicap to play, it is necessary that the favorite win with a difference in points more than indicated in the handicap. For an outsider, the opposite is true - for a bet on a positive handicap on it to become winning, it is necessary that the total value of the difference in the account be less than the size of this handicap.
  • Victory in the first half/victory in the match. You need to predict not only the winner of the match, but also the team that will win the first half of the game. The odds are varied: from tiny, if you put P1/P1 on a large home favorite, to huge ones on P2/P2 or P1/P2 on a guest underdog.
  • The most productive quarter. Everything is simple - indicate in which quarter the opponents will score the most points.
  • The total of the most productive quarter. We correctly predict what maximum points a team can earn for two in any fifteen minute period.
  • The first foul. Indicate the team that first breaks the rules.
  • The first selection. You need to choose the right side that will first make the selection.
  • Race to X points. Predict which of the opponents will score X points first.
  • Long-term rates. You must correctly indicate who will be the winner of the entire championship. The odds are high, as the circle of applicants is wide enough.

What to choose from all this splendor? A thorough study of the data and the difference between football and soccer will help you answer this question.

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