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Sep 19, 2013 at 04:18 PM
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An Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Seat Cover for Your Car

Written by Publisher   
Jan 2, 2019 at 11:33 PM

Every car owner tries to give his car an original look to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, special attention in most cases is paid to appearance. But you should not forget about the cabin of the car. Seat covers play an important role in the overall look of the car. First, it may seem that it is easy to choose the right one. However, there are certain peculiarities to keep in mind. Check what matters when choosing the best seat cover for your car.

Types of Seat Covers to Choose From

Check the main types of seat covers:

  • Universal: Their key advantage is their versatility. And this means that you will not have to worry if they suit your car model or not. They fit most types of seats, and often on the packaging of such covers you can see a list of vehicles, which they are recommended for. But universal cases have a drawback - a small assortment, both in color and design.
  • Original. They are made exclusively for a specific model. Accordingly, they already have all the necessary openings and the necessary number of pockets on request. They sew such covers in specific sizes, which ensures an excellent fit and fit of the seats. But here there is a drawback - they are produced mainly for the most popular models.
  • T-shirt covers. They are easy to take off and put on. Cotton jersey covers are considered to be the most popular, as they are able to absorb moisture well, are pleasant to the touch and do not electrify. In addition, this type of covers is presented in a wide range.

What Materials Are Best for Your Seat Covers?

When choosing autocovers, you must first pay attention to the fabric from which they are sewn. After all, not only their appearance but also durability depend on it. If you are a Jeep owner looking for durable seat covers, check the list of the best Jeep covers. Most often manufacturers of car covers use the following materials:

  • Ecoskin. Today, this material is in great demand, as it has reliability, has a rich appearance and an affordable price.
  • Velours. It has high quality and affordable price. The key feature of this material is that even in severe frosts it remains warm, and in the heat, on the contrary, does not heat up. The advantage of velor is easy to take care. And the disadvantage – this fabric quickly wear out.
  • Leather. Leather will give the cabin a rich and stylish look. Such seats will always look gorgeous. They do not need special care. But it is worth remembering that in order to preserve their original appearance, it is recommended to treat the skin with a special agent. Follow the tips for choosing leather covers.
  • Polyester. This material has excellent smoothness and is pleasant to the touch. It is easy to look after it. The only drawback - polyester covers absolutely do not absorb moisture and "do not breathe."

Choosing an autocover, it is important to remember that it is not bought for one day. Pay attention not only to the material, which it is made from but also to its appearance.

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